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I cannot tell you how much I love this work. I bring to the table 15 years of design experience from companies like The MLS in Beverly Hills, Leisure Publications, AZ Air Conditioning and and Heating, The Military Channel and Advanced Computer Institute. I would like to say how thankful I am to the people who have helped me get this far. I am truly blessed. ~ CJ Davidson, Designer, Project Manager & Director of Human Activities. 818-843-1029

After Effects & Cinema 4D Videos

Includes awesome plug-ins like Element 3D Optical Flares, Twixtor & Trapcode Particular

CJ Davidson's Totally Tubular Demo Reel!

That Other Web Show Relaunch!

ACI YouTube Commercial

DavComCJ Mini-Demo Reel

Rhythm Coffin's "Ain't In My Grave Tonight"

X-TREEM Sports Roundup Intro

3D Military Channel Logo & Greatest Tank Battles FX

Solar Wolf 2k15 Opener

Battlefield 3 Intro Redux

Cinematic 4D Title

Cinema 4D Cube Scatter

Terminator Chrome Baby Intro

Design Projects

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