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A career in our Sales & Marketing Department lead to a multitude of open doors!

Being a Sales Rep in Los Angeles?

Stay CALM!

Your driving down the Sunset strip to a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant to meet production execs. They want your company to produce an animation segment for their next BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE! Relax! They loved the samples you sent them before the meeting! Your just there to CLOSE and bring home the bacon! CHA-CHING!

Opening Doors to the Future

If you have ANY contacts in Los Angeles, you'll have more after connecting with studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel, DC Comics and the list goes on!

On-Site Quality Control

Besides consuming free goodies available on client shoots, you will be responsible for the satisfaction of the client's video project, as you schmooze on the sets during shooting. Its a tough life, but...

Are you ready?

Let's face it. Its a genetic trait in a person to turn a "No" into a "YES!". But if your persistant and believe in what you do, you may be driving a cadillac down Bel Aire to a high power meeting. You can do this! Commission is 10% of each sale and salary after 90 day probation period and proven sales record within that period.

Are your ready to impress the world?

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