Designing in After Effects and Element 3D

Element 3D gives us access to many 3D models to create supreme marketing tools.

Custom Logo Design for Instant Results!

Stay ahead of the Curve!

Using Maxon's Cinema 4D, we can give your company eye-catching results with a maximum return on your design investment! Show the world YOU MEAN BUSINESS!

Custom Emailers!

Getting your message out to the public is essential in today's E-marketing climate. Strategy, design and placement are the keys to targeting you desired demographic.

Corporate Identity

First Impressions are very important in the marketing game. Today's logos like McDonalds or Dear Stearns have instantly recognizable logos to associate with their products.

Mulit-Media Design Options

Advertising Design

Its tough to compete in today's market. That's why you need that special edge to turn potential customers into ACTUAL customers. Only skill, experience and an eye for specific artistic aesthetics must be applied.

Fantasy Art

With over 10 years of design & marketing experience, CJ Davidson delivers mind-blowing results using software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D and all Adobe Creative Suite software. Original Artwork NOW ON SALE for CD & DVD covers!

The name of the game is getting noticed. Your ideas MUST be translated into irresistible images that hold the viewer and SELL them on the merits of your wonderful product. This is what CJ Davidson does.

CJ's targets your specific tastes and develops a custom marketing strategy for you and your business. After all...who says cookie-cutter is a business rule?

Are your ready to impress the world?

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